Hi there! I’m Melissa – the face behind Journey Through Europe.

On this blog, I spill all the beans (and pasta sauce!) on everything Europe has to offer, with practical travel tips, honest reviews and food recommendations. Think of me as your friendly guide to navigating Europe’s cultural treasures and culinary delights.

I’m not just another travel blogger – I’ve lived and worked across Europe, leading tours and immersing myself in the culture of lots of different European cities. So, I definitely can give you the inside scoop.

My blog is geared towards those who love to combine food and travel, preferring to plan their trips to make the most of their trip. My aim is to help you ditch the stress and spend less time planning your holiday – giving you more time for eating, drinking and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you’re craving the perfect gelato in Rome, or seeking out hidden gems in Barcelona I’ve got you covered!


How It Started

Back in 2018, I found myself working at summer camps in Italy as part of my University year abroad. This is a photo of me at my first ever camp in Marradi, Italy!

I loved exploring Italy’s beautiful towns, trying new food (my love for pistachio gelato was born) and immersing myself in the local culture.

I always felt as though I had left a part of my self in Europe. So, I kept planning trips back, and my friends and family were always asking me “Where to next?”.

This blog is a culmination of my passion for travel, my knack for planning cool trips, and my desire to share my love of travel with others.

MY passions

Get To Know Me

If you could travel to any restaurant in the world right now, where would you go?

Without a doubt, I would go to Takos Al Pastor in Madrid, they are THE BEST tacos I have ever eaten. Whenever I go back to Madrid, the first thing I do is visit this restaurant and eat as many tacos as I can!

What’s the most incredible natural wonder you’ve ever seen?

Standing at the top of Sulphur Mountain in Banff, Canada was breathtaking, the view from the top was like nothing I had ever experienced before.

What’s your favourite mode of transport for exploring a new destination?

In recent years I have fallen in love with train travel. There is something so comforting about sitting and watching the ever-changing scenery outside. It’s a great eco-friendly way to travel too.


Brands I’ve Worked With

I love working with different brands as a Travel & Food Content Creator, Tour Director & Manager

I create short-form content for tourist platform Love and London…

As well as videos for my own YouTube and TikTok channels…