The Lennon Wall: How to get the perfect photo!

The Lennon Wall is definitely not to be miss on any trip to Prague. The best thing about it is that it is completely FREE TO VISIT.

Here are my four tips and tricks for your visit, as well as how you can take the perfect photo with the wall too!

What is the Lennon Wall?

The Lennon Wall is a wall located in Prague’s Lesser Town. It is filled with John Lennon inspired art, graffiti & song lyrics supporting local and global causes. The wall has been famous since the 1960s. BUT it’s only since the 1980s when it began to be filled with John Lennon inspired street art and Beatles’ lyrics.

1. Combine your visit with Prague Castle or a walk across the Charles Bridge

The Lennon is super close to Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. So is the perfect stop off on your way to visit these two famous Prague destinations.

When I visited Prague, we passed by the Lennon Wall after spending the morning visiting the Prague Castle. Once we had finished visiting the Lennon Wall we made our way to the Charles Bridge.

2. Consider taking an art tour to get to know more about the history of the wall

If you want to delve deeper into the wall’s history and the art that covers it, definitely consider booking yourself onto an art or walking tour which passes by the wall.

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Below are city tours which cover The Lennon Wall:

3. Go to the edges of the wall to get a less crowded photo

The Lennon Wall is usually super busy, and you usually have to queue to take a photo with the iconic sign in the middle

To avoid the crowds try and get there early in the morning, or walk further down the wall where it is little quieter.

I managed to get the photo on the left by moving away from the crowds to the edges of the wall.

Melissa at the Lennon Wall

4. Bring a sharpie!

Last but not least, don’t forget to bring your sharpie so you can add your own art to the wall! A tradition has been created where visitors write their name and date they visited on the wall, so make sure you have a pen so you can add your name too.

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