Welcome to my Travel Guides!

Ever since I started exploring Europe’s different cities, friends and family have always asked me questions like, “Hey, I’m heading to Barcelona, any recommendations?” So, I decided to compile all my travel tips and tricks into these comprehensive city guides, all housed in Notion pages.

What’s great about them is they are live Notion pages, accessible via URL, so you can save it to refer back to whenever you need. Plus, they automatically update when I add in new suggestions, so you always have the most up to date version.

Each guide has suggestions for cozy bars, hidden gems for dining, or must-try local foods. Links to useful blog posts, not just from me, but also from other seasoned travelers and bloggers, as well as day trip ideas, key museums, walking tours and fun activities.

These guides are a work in progress, as I continually update them with new discoveries when I revisit these cities. So far, I’ve covered London, Barcelona, and Florence, but stay tuned for more exciting destinations soon.

Happy exploring!


Florence: Travel Guide


Barcelona: Travel Guide


London: Travel Guide



Porto: Travel Guide



Dubrovnik: Travel Guide



Seville: Travel Guide

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