5 Tips for Going to a Concert Alone to Help You Calm Your Nerves!

Going to a concert alone was something I used to feel really embarrassed about but now is something that I embrace and enjoy.

There is nothing better than getting a concert as early (or late!) as you want, rocking out to your favourite songs, singing your heart out and dancing like no one is watching.

I have been to lots of concerts alone, one of my favourites was back in 2022 when I went to a Coldplay concert at Wembley Stadium by myself and danced the night away with 90,000 other people.

I am a seasoned solo concert-goer and here are my five tips to make sure that you stay safe and have the best time!

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1. Relax… you are not alone!

So many people love going to concerts alone, it might seem scary at first, but trust me you won’t regret it. I always find that finding myself a nice spot to stand in a quiet area helps me stay calm and reduces my anxiety.

If you get nervous and want to chicken out of it, just remember why you’re going in the first place – to see one of your favourite artists live and I can guarantee that you won’t regret going once the concert has finished!


Was having last minute doubts but it was the best night ever #coldplay #musicofthespheresworldtour

♬ My Universe – Coldplay & BTS

2. Make friends

Melissa at Coldplay’s Music of Sphere Tour in Brussels – August 2022

Don’t be afraid to strike up conversation with the people standing, or seated next to you. You never know – you might make a new friend!

Remember, you already have something in common with the other people there – you both like the same artist! Ask them what song they are most excited to hear that night, have they seen the artist before or what other artists they like?

Making a friend at a concert can be great, especially if you are in general admission, they can hold your space for you whilst you go to the toilet or get something to eat or drink.

3. Get a standing ticket

If you have the option to, and are able to – definitely consider getting a general admission standing ticket – rather than a seated one. I always find that standing at a concert alone is much less awkward than sitting, as you feel as if no one is really looking at you and you can rock out with everyone else in the pit.

If you hate standing or are unable to get a standing ticket (as they tend to sell out fast) then my tip might be for you…

4. Arrive late

Me at Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour in London – June 2023

This one might surprise you, as in recent years everyone wants to get to concerts as early as possible. But, if you are not too fussed about being at the front, and are going alone, I would recommend getting there as close to the main act as possible.

If doors are at 7pm, the main act will likely not be on until around 9pm, so arriving closer to this time means that you spend less time waiting around by yourself, and getting too much into your own head.

5. Bring a portable charger – ESSENTIAL for going to a concert alone!

Melissa at Harry Styles Love On Tour at Wembley Stadium – June 2022

My last piece of advice, and one that I give to anyone going to a concert (alone or with a group of friends). BRING A PORTABLE CHARGER!!

You are going to need it. Not only are you going to be using your phone to take photos and videos throughout the concert, once the concert ends it will be late and you will need to get home safely – and it you don’t want to be trying to get back home late at night with no phone battery.

Ensuring that your phone has battery is essential for you being able to take as many photos as you would want, and giving you peace of mind that you can make your way back home safely and securely.

I love this INIU Power Bank which is super slim and light (create for slipping in your bag for a concert) or this Duracell Power Bank

So, what are you waiting for? Book the ticket, get your outfit ready and prepare to dance the night away – you won’t regret it!

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