Your Guide to the Best Pasteis de Nata in Porto

Pasteis de Nata are some of my absolute favourite desserts, so during my Porto trip, I made it a mission to taste as many different pasteis de nata as possible.

Guess what? I ended up loving every single one! So, here are my top three spots to try pasteis de nata in Porto.

Before We Begin: The History of Pasteis de Nata

Pasteis de Nata are a typical Portugese pastry which are famous for their flaky golden crust and delicious custard filling. These delicious custard tarts are believed to have originated in Lisbon’s Jerónimos Monastery in the 18th century and today have now become a symbol of Portugal’s sweet heritage.

Personally, I believe that pasteis de nata are best enjoyed with a dusting of cinnamon or powdered sugar fresh from the oven.

They and definitely are a must-try for any visitor to Portugal (don’t worry, one of our suggestions has a vegan/dairy-free alternative option for you) so everyone is covered!

Here are our top three picks for the best pasteis de nata in Porto!

1. Castro: The Best Pasteis de Nata (Journey To Europe Favourite)

At the top of my list of recommendations is Castro, which I believe has one of the, if not THE BEST Pasteis de Nata in Porto.

What I particularly loved about Castro as it has more of an elegant, relaxed feel to the cafe – it was the perfect place to rest my legs and watch the world go by whilst I devoured my freshly made custard tarts.

Don’t just take just my word for it; witness the locals making it a regular pitstop and it being a regular stop on Porto food tours.

2. Manteigaria

Manteigaria is a pretty well established pasteis de nata chain across Porto and Lisbon. aDuring my four-day stay in Porto, I found myself making multiple visits to their various locations across the city of Porto – and every single pasteis de nata I ate did not disappoint!

Among their locations, there was one in particular that I would recommend you visit. Their store located next to Mercado Bolhao is definitely one to visit!

Their proximity next to the market makes it an ideal stop before or after exploring the Bolhao, and their kitchen is made of glass walls, so you can watch the chefs at work.

Even better if you manage to time your trip with when a fresh batch of tarts are coming out of the oven (nom!).

3. Fábrica da Nata: Vegan Pasteis de Nata

Fábrica da Nata is another well-loved chain in Portugal known for their delicious pasteis de nata. What sets them apart from other stores is their diverse range of flavours.

Their flavours include chocolate, passion fruit, raspberry, and blueberry pasteis de nata – which is a welcome deviation from the more traditional plain pasteis de nata, if you get bored of eating the same ones!

Fábrica da Nata stands in particular because it is of the few chains in Portugal offering a plant-based/ vegan pasteis de nata.

If you’re vegan or need dairy-free alternatives, save this spot for your trip, as you need to taste their vegan version of this Portugese staple.

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