Solo Female Traveler: Lessons from my trip to Porto

Going on a solo trip to Porto, Portugal was a really transformative experience for me. It was my first solo trip in two years, and I was starting to have massive doubts about the trip just before I went,

But, as soon as the plane took off the butterflies of nerves in my stomach soon became butterflies of excitement.

Here are three valuable lessons I learnt from being a solo female traveler on my recent trip.

1. Embrace the Joy of Solo Dining

One of my initial concerns as a solo female traveler was the idea of dining alone. Surprisingly, I found that enjoying a meal solo is far from awkward. By my second or third day, I felt entirely comfortable, enjoying moments sitting outdoors with a glass of wine or beer, people-watching, or reading the book i had brought with me.

Though there were occasional moments of self-consciousness when requesting a table for one, once seated and focused on my food, the worries melted away. Solo dining became a super fun experience that allowed me, as a solo female traveler, to fully enjoy the food and atmosphere in my own company.

Feel the fear and do it anyway…just book that solo trip!

2. Decision-Making Independence as a Solo Female Traveler

I am usually used to making plans with my friends and family, so transitioning to making . Selecting daily activities, choosing lunch spots, or deciding what to order became a journey of self-discovery.

I am used to discussing plan with others and bouncing ideas off my travel partner, so it felt disorientating at first to not have anyone else to help me make decisions. Suddenly I was on my own, and I felt really lost! But I soon found my feet, and found it rewarding to make decisions for myself on exactly what I wanted to do, and achieve on my solo travel adventure.

3. Find Beauty in the Pause: Insights for Solo Female Travelers

My most important discovering on my solo trip was learning the importance of looking up, stopping, and taking a deep breath.

This revelation came during a mobile phone photography lesson with local photographer João. He challenged me to view Porto with a more inquisitive eye, to really stop and taking in my surrounds. Through doing this I began noticing hidden beauty in the city.

A montage of my solo trip to Porto

In a world where heads are often buried in phones, taking moments to appreciate and absorb the surroundings became a refreshing and enriching part of my trip. I loved my solo travel trip to Porto, it taught me that embracing independence leads to unexpected joys and self-discovery.

If you’re thinking of booking your first solo trip – what are you waiting for – book it – I can guarantee you won’t regret it!

If you’re worried about taking your first ever solo trip drop me a line, and we can have a chat.

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