Seville’s Nun Cookies: Where to Buy the Best Convent Biscuits

Do you want to add a unique activity to your Seville bucket list?

Behind the closed doors of Seville convents lies a delicious secret: dulces de convento or convent sweets. These are fresh cookies, cakes and biscuits made by Seville’s cloistered nuns, who then sell them directly from the convents.

This blog post explains more about this unique experience, top tips for finding these infamous biscuits and the one convent you can’t miss on your trip to Seville.

When to visit: Convent Opening Times

Before you set out on your trip to the convent, make sure you ensure that it is open. Typically, the convents operated limited opening hours – a few hours in the morning and then again in the late afternoon.

Most convents post their opening times online, or on the door outside the convent.

I would advise you to try and visit between 10 – 12, as this is when most convents are open and you can get pastries that have been made fresh that morning.

Of course, all convents are closed on a Sunday!

A typical convent door outlining opening times and instructions for buying nun cookies

How it Works: Buying your nun cookies

When you arrive, ring the bell to let the nuns know you have arrived and would like to buy some cookies.

In the more liberal convents, one of the nuns will come out to serve you and assist you with your purchase. Otherwise, in more strict convents there is a different process in place to ensure you don’t make direct contact with the nun.

Instead, the prices and items on off are listed on the wall, you choose what you would like and then using the turno – the lazy susan-style turnstile mechanism you complete your purchase,

This involves placing your money on the turno, the nun on the other side spins it to collect your payment and then places the cookies you’ve chosen on the turnstile and then spinning it back.

A typical convent door outlining opening times and instructions

Convento de San Leandro: Seville’s Best Nun Cookies

A must-visit convent if you are looking for a true dulces de convento experience – Convento de San Leandro. Here they sell their famous “yemas”, a traditional Spanish treat made from egg yolks and orange peel and coated in a sugary glaze.

Top Tip: If you are visiting Seville during the Spring/Summer keep your yemas in the fridge, as the sugar coating can quickly start to melt in Seville’s scorching heat.

A video of my own nun cookie experience!

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