Prague’s Chimney Cakes: A Must-Try On Your Trip

A good trip to Prague isn’t complete without tasting a traditional chimney cakes/trdnelik!

What are chimney cakes?

Firstly, you’re probably thinking…what exactly are Prague’s chimney cakes? Well, they actually are a traditional Hungarian street food snake that originated in Transylvania, and is common around Easter Europe.

They are unique, bread-like pastries and you guessed it, their name comes from their unique cylindrical shape that resembles a chimney.

If you want to have a go at making your own chimney cakes then check out this recipe from Big Oven.

Where can I buy chimney cakes in Prague?

Throughout Prague there are various shops, cafes and street stalls all selling this traditional dessert. They all offer a range of different toppings, but if you want to find the best chimney cakes you are best visiting Prague during Christmas time.

During Prague’s Christmas Markets various stalls are open which serve up freshly baked chimney cakes cooked over an open fire, and rotated by hand. In my opinion, these chimney cakes taste much better than the chimney cakes you get in most shops in shopping centre. These are baked in specially made ovens which rotate the cakes mechanically as they are cooked.

I would definitelly recommend visiting Prague during the Christmas Markets if you can – it is definitely one of my favourite European Christmas Market destinations.

Check out Vanessa Valenti’s article on why Prague is one of the best Christmas Markets destinations in Europe.

Freshly made chimney cakes at Prague Christmas Markets 2022

How much do chimney cakes cost?

Chimney cakes in Prague cost around 100-200 Koruna (£4-£7) depending on where you buy them. Shops in Prague’s Old Town that are close to St Charles Bridge tend to be more expensive, and less fresh. So try and walk further into the Old Town to find fresher and

Chimney cakes are the the perfect afternoon snack or late night snack to eat whilst walking around the Old Town, and you can definitely share one between two if you don’t want to shell out on having one each!

What types/flavours of chimney cakes are there?

Melissa holding a chimney cake filled with nutella on the street of Prague's Old Town.

Traditionally chimney cakes are served rolled in granulated sugar or ground cinnamon. But their popularity has meant that there are now many different varieties of chimney cakes available.

Flavours available range from the traditional powdered sugar or cinnamon, ice cream, nutella & a whole range of different fruits and chocolate bar toppings..

Personally, I tried two different flavours during my 24 hours in Prague – Nutella and Kinder Bueno – both were delicious but the Nutella one was definitely my favourite.

FUN FACT: No food that has a savoury coating or dough or contains meat or cheese can be called a chimney cake – so they are alway served with a sweet topping/coating.

Definitely add ‘trying a chimney cake’ to your Prague Bucket List/Itinerary, and if you have tried one let me know what you thought of it in the comments!

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