London’s South Bank: Free Activities You Can’t Miss

The South Bank is one of my favourite areas of London – not only is it home to iconic London monuments like the London Eye, Globe Theatre and Tate Modern – it’s the perfect place to take a leisurely stroll and engage in some budget friendly fun!

1. Watch the skateboards at the skate park

This is one of my favourite activities to do along the South Bank – stand and watch the skateboarders and BMX bikers doing their thing.

2. Browse the books & records at the book market

Whether you’re a bookworm or a vinyl collector, the South Bank’s book market is the perfect place for you. There are old books,vinyl records, CDs, posters and more.

It’s a great spot to browse and uncover hidden treasures.

3. Watch a busker/ street performer

Walking along the South Bank means stumbling across street performers, magicians, buskers and singers all showcasing their talent and turning the South Bank into their stage. Don’t forget to drop some change in their hat if you enjoy the show!

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