European Christmas Markets: THREE tips for staying warm!

Christmas can be one of the most beautiful times to visit Europe – cities like Prague, Frankfurt and Bruges are the perfect destinations to catch beautiful Christmas markets, sip mulled wine and enjoy the twinkling lights. However, the weather can get pretty cold!

I recently visited the Christmas markets in Prague, and the temperature was between 0 and -5 degrees! As someone who hates feeling cold, before our trip I did lots of research on the best ways to stay warm, so here is what worked for me!

1. Layers, layers, layers

Having lots of thin layers is so much better than wearing one thick layer. I bought a set of Heatgen thermal vests from M&S to wear under my clothing. Uniqlo’s Heattech range is also great! I wore the vests, a t-shirt and jumper under my coat and it meant that my top half stayed nice and warm.

For my bottom half, I wore the viral £7 fur-lined Primark leggings, underneath my Mom jeans. Wearing more baggy jeans (as opposed to my usual skinny jeans) meant that I could comfortably wear both the leggings and jeans throughout the day.

My feet are always cold so I made sure to wear two (even three) pairs of socks inside my boots. Wearing a pair of boots meant that I had room to comfortably wear a few pairs of socks without my shoes becoming too tight.

Side note: we saw lots of people in Adidas and Nike trainers freezing with trainer socks and their ankles out – don’t make the same mistake! Wearing a pair of boots (these Doc Marten fur lined Chelsea Boots are perfect) means you can layer up your socks and your ankles are nice and warm.

Most importantly, boots have a much better tread than trainers which is essential if it snows. The last thing you want is to be slipping and sliding around on snow and ice.

Melissa at Prague’s Christmas Markets

2. The three essentials – gloves, hat & scarf

Never underestimate how much heat you lose from the top of your head! A hat, scarf and gloves are essential for any Christmas market or winter trip. If you don’t like hats (like me!) then invest in a set of ear warmers or a thermal head band that you can wear to keep your ears warm.

Investing in a good pair of gloves (like these ones from Uniqlo) will mean that your hands stay nice and toasty. Decathlon also sell hand and feet warmers that you can slip into your gloves or shoes to keep them warm, and if all else fails grab yourself a mulled wine and warm your hands up – a definite winner.

3. Long jackets are your best friend!

Yep, you heard that right! Long jackets are your best friend – you may have a super cute short jacket you want to wear but having a coat which covers both your top half and your legs is essential.

I bought a feather down lined coat from Vinted (originally from Zara) before I went and it kept me super nice and warm. My friend Fran took the seamless long coat from Uniqlo and it was perfect. The great thing about her coat was that it had a hood which was removable, and it packed down really small, so was perfect for travelling.

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