Casa Aranda: the best churros in Malaga?

Casa Aranda has been open since 1932 and is one of the most famous churrerias in Malaga.

Every time I make a trip to Malaga Casa Aranda is always on my list – they have been serving up crips, fresh churros con chocolate for nearly 100 years and they never disappoint.

What makes Casa Aranda’s churros so special?

What makes Casa Aranda’s some of the best churros in Malaga is their style of churros.

Most tourists are used to the more popular thinner version of churros, but Casa Aranda serves porras, which are a longer, thicker style of churros.

Whereas one person can usually eat six churros, you only need two to three porras to have a filling snack.

What is particularly quaint about this churro shop is that the outside tables snake all along the outside of the cafe, and across several different streets. Follow the tables to find the perfect place to sit, and if it’s too hot for you to sit outside in the Malaga heat they have lots of tables inside too.

Even their napkins are cool!

Tips for trying to best churros in Malaga

  • Visit for breakfast early in the morning to avoid queuing for a table. The cafe opens at 8 am, and so I tend to go between 8-8.30 when it is slightly quieter, the sun is not yet too hot, and you can always find lots of free tables to sit out (who doesn’t want to have churros for breakfast?!)
  • Order one cup of chocolate! Even if there are two -three of you, you definitely don’t need to order more than one cup of chocolate. Not only does this save you money, but it also avoids waste.
  • They have menus available in both Spanish and English. Ask for an English menu if you don’t speak Spanish to make sure you are comfortable ordering exactly what you want.

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