Lake Como

Four Budget-Friendly Lake Como Hostels

Lake Como is typically known to be one of the most expensive places to visit in Italy. However, it actually has some of the most unique and affordable hostels in Italy.

Here are five budget-friendly Lake Como hostels that will let you experience one of the most beautiful areas of Italy for less:

1. La Primula


La Primula Lake Como Hostel

This is an 11 bedroomed hostel located in Menaggio, Lake Como.

Personally, Menaggio is my favourite town along Lake Como, due to it’s chilled out vibe which attracts fewer tourists compared to other towns like Como or Bellaggio.

What I love the most about La Primula l is it’s only 50 metres away from the Lake’s shores, so has beautiful views across the water.

The on-site bar and restaurant also serves up traditional Italian food and drink at affordable prices.

2. Agriturismo La Derta


Agriturismo La Derta Lake Como Hostel

This hostel is located in Bellaggio – one of the most expensive towns in Lake Como. So, is a great choice for anyone wanting to stay in this town for less.

Agriturismo La Derta has a beautiful setting inside a restored 18th century building. The outdoor terrace and garden is filled with olive and fruit trees providing a tranquil escape from the busy streets of Belaggio.

3. Lake Como Beach Hostel


Lake Como Beach Hostel

This hostel is perfect for beach lovers and kite and wind surfers visiting Lake Como. It is situated at the start of the 2km Domaso beach in upper Lake Como.

The hostel has a bar and restaurant which is 16 hours a day, every day – so you are covered for everything from breakfast, to after dinner drinks.

4. Ostello Bello


Ostello Bello Lake Como Hostel

This hostel is part of the Ostello Bello chain with hostels across Italy.

Ostello Bello is within walking distance to Como’s two train stations, so perfect for interrailers or travellers using the train system hop across Lake Como’s towns.

The hostel has a 24/7 bar, movie room and live music and events table – so there is lots going on!

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