Bridgerton Filming Locations in Bath: Four Places You Should Visit

If you’re visiting Bath and you’re a Bridgerton fan then this blog post’s for you – here are four Bridgerton filming locations you should visit!

I was definitely late to the Bridgerton craze – only watching the hit Netflix show in 2023 after much pestering from my friends! I quickly fell in love with the stories of Daphne and the Duke of Hastings, and Anthony and Kate. I am now a full-blown Bridgerton fan and can’t wait for Season 3!

Many of the exterior shots from Seasons 1-2 of the hit Netflix series were actually shot on the streets of Bath, England. Bath was chosen because of it’s Georgian architecture, which fits perfectly with the time period of the show which is in the Regency era.

Here are four Bridgerton filming locations you can visit in Bath, alongside other fun Bridgerton-inspired activities for your trip.

1. Abbey Green – the Modiste’s dress shop

The Abbey Deli - Bath - the Modiste in Bridgerton Filming Locations

First up is Abbey Green located in Bath’s city centre. This area is lots of different shots throughout the series, but most importantly, The Abbey Deli along this road serves as Madame Delacroix’s (the Modiste’s) dress shop!

In real life, instead of selling beautiful regency gowns, accessories and gloves like in the wonderful world of the Bridgerton, The Abbey Deli sells sandwiches, hot drinks and picnic lunches!

2. No. 1 Royal Crescent – the Featherington’s house

No 1 Royal Crescent Bath - Lady Danbury's House in Bridgerton

No.1 Royal Crescent in Bath is used as the exterior for the Featherington’s London house in the series. However, you will probably notice in the series (with the help of CGI) the exterior is much more extravagant, as they add a balcony, ornamental features and even change the colour of the front door.

This house is seen a lot throughout the series, as Lady Featherington and her daughters enter and exit the home, always on their way to an array of extravagant balls and engagements.

3. 12 Trim Street – Gunter’s Tea Shop

12 Trim Street – which is actually a hair salon -serves as Gunter’s Tea Shop. This is a particularly important location in Season 1 as Simon and Daphne meet here for tea, and there is Simon’s infamous ‘spoon-licking’ scene!

Trim Street was built in 1707 and was named after George Trim who owned the land! It is particularly famous as Jane Austen and her family lived here for a brief time and this same shop is also used in Netflix’s adaptation of ‘Persuasion’ starring Dakota Johnson and Suki Waterhouse.

4. Holburne Museum – Lady Danbury’s Townhouse

The Holburne Museum serves as Lady Danburys townhouse hosting grand balls in Bridgerton Series 1 and Series 2.

The museum itself has a wide collection of art built around the collection of Sir William Holburne. As well as exhibitons, workshops, talks and lectures – so is definitely worth a stop if you’re visiting Bath.

You can even get married here, if you want to have a Bridgerton-themed wedding!

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Bath Guided Tours of Bridgerton Themed Filming Locations

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