Parma Ham & Olive Pizza

Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik: Our Top Three Picks

Dubrovnik has some of the best restaurants in Europe – here are three restaurant recommendations for your trip.

1. Taj Mahal: A Bosnian Gem

Taj Mahal stands as one of Dubrovnik’s most well-known restaurants. It has even earned its place in the Michelin Guide, and attracts a constant stream of visitors to the Old Town – who want to sample their unique menu. Given its popularity, securing a reservation well in advance is essential!

Despite what the name suggests, Taj Mahal specialises in rich & colourful dishes from Bosnia. If you manage to secure a reservation we suggest trying the Bey’s Broth for starters. It is a traditional soup featuring veal, chicken, root vegetables, okra, and kajmak.

However, note that

Tip: The menu leans heavily towards meat, making it a less ideal choice for vegetarians or vegans.

2. Castro Pizzeria: A Slice of Italy

This Italian restaurant specialising in oven-fired fresh pizzas is conveniently next to the Jesuit Staircase (more famously known as the ‘Shame Steps’ for Game of Thrones fans).

Even if you don’t have time to catch a full meal here, definitely consider stopping by for a quick drink/ aperitivo. The terrace along the street is the perfect setting to enjoy a glass of wine or an Aperol Spritz.

Must-Try: The parma ham and fresh olive pizza & Aperol Spritz

Parma Ham & Olive Pizza
Parma Ham & Olive Pizza
Aperol Spritz
Aperitivo Time: Aperol Spritz

Pizza and an Aperol Spritz at Castro in Dubrovnik!

3. El Pulpo Fish Restaurant: A Seafood Haven in Lapad

For those seeking a quality fish restaurant without breaking the bank, El Pulpo in Lapad is a hidden gem. Although a bit of travel is required from Dubrovnik Old Town, the experience is well worth the journey.

Popular among locals, El Pulpo offers authentic fresh fish dishes in a laid-back, rustic setting. A standout dessert is the cream flan, providing a light and refreshing conclusion to your meal. To top it off, the friendly staff may surprise you with traditional orange liqueur shots.

Insider Tip: Conclude your dining experience with the cream flan and savour the complimentary orange liqueur shots.

Indulge in the diverse culinary offerings of Dubrovnik at these three exceptional restaurants, each promising a unique and memorable taste of the city.

Traditional Croatian cream flan dessert

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